Erin Shepherd Murray, voice engineer

Erin Shepherd Murray, voice engineer

Erin Shepherd Murray, voice engineerErin Shepherd Murray, voice engineerErin Shepherd Murray, voice engineer

HIES | Lakeside High School | Grant Park 

"Erin teaches the whole person with a kindness and patience that frees not only our voices, but ourselves from whatever fears are holding us back from performing at our best. Her joy and enthusiasm in every lesson is contagious, and she has given me a love for opera, classical music, and voice pedagogy that has shaped the trajectory of my life."  Hannah Reich  

Erin Shepherd Murray, Mezzo-Soprano


Teaching and Service

Erin founded Bella Voce Music (now called Erin Shepherd Murray Voice Studio) in 2005. Erin is a teacher of voice who constantly strives to learn more about vocal sound, current voice science, and relational instruction. Her specialties include teaching vocal technique, the diagnosis and repair of vocal dysfunction, and the building of the singing voice. This committed educator  actively serves her musical community and promotes the growth of young singers by coaching and adjudicating for music associations such as National Association of Teachers of Singing, the High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall, Schmidt Youth Vocal Competition, BOLD/Bella Voce Youth Vocal Competition, and the Georgia Governor’s Honor’s Program. She taught courses on Musical Theatre and Acoustics at the Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) at Emory University from 2016-2017.

Erin is the founder and moderator of the Atlanta Voice Community Forum, which serves to form community and provide a learning platform for local singers and teachers of singing. She is currently researching the effects of the Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique and its effects on the singing voice. 

Erin is grateful for the influence and care of her teachers at Juilliard School of Music, the Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, Emory University and Atlanta Opera. She has performed in numerous operas and is the lead singer of Orange Colored Day, a jazz trio. Erin  teaches at Holy Innocents Episcopal School,  Lakeside High School, and from her home studio in Grant Park — all in Atlanta.

In 2018, Erin was elected to the board of GANATS (Georgia branch of the National Association of Teachers of Singing), and will be serving in 2019 in a new position as the GANATS Chair of Private Studio Outreach and Support.  

Also in 2018, she co-founded the Performing Arts Conservatory of Atlanta (PACA), which provides scholarships for high school students who can't afford voice lessons. In their first year, they gave over $3000 in scholarships to students in need. Learn more here: 

Teaching Philosophy

Vocal study is transformative. One’s voice and one’s personhood are not separate entities. When a person opens him/herself to change, the entire being is awakened by the process. Through introspection, vulnerability, and active participation in purposeful change, the student discovers uniqueness of his/her own voice: in the studio and in the world. 

Singing is a skill. While it may be easier for some people than others, anyone can learn to improve and enjoy his or her own singing voice.

Areas of Expertise

  • Teaching vocal technique, the diagnosis and repair of vocal dysfunction, and the building of the singing voice. 
  • Developing voices, specifically young singers ages 12-19.
  • Employing Bel Canto and Swedish-Italian schools of singing. 
  • Engineering specific exercises for each student’s individual needs.
  • Incorporating a variety of song literature, specifically Classical, Musical Theatre, and Jazz.

Studio Objectives

  • To use specific exercises from the Swedish-Italian School to create healthy, free, well-balanced voices.
  • To use relational pedagogy in building students’ musicianship in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. 
  • To build a teacher/student team that finds holistic solutions for each student.
  • To create independent, well-rounded, healthy musicians.
  • To encourage and respond to students according to their goals, abilities, and ages.
  • To ensure that the technical aspects of music (e.g. scales, vocalises, theory, ear training,) are experienced as fun, interesting, and challenging.
  • To use Swedish-Italian and Bel Canto exercises and philosophies to mold healthy, grounded, ringing voices with well-balanced registration.

Student Accomplishments

Erin's students consistently succeed within the realms and goals they have set for themselves. For some, it is simply enjoying their own singing voice. For others, it is singing at a high level and pursuing performance goals. Click here to see some of their most recent achievements:

"If you are passionate about singing, eager to learn, and dreaming of overcoming anything that could possibly be holding you back, your time spent studying with Erin will be a reward that you reap for many years to come." Layne Smith

I will always be grateful to Erin for teaching me about so much more than voice. She made me not just a better singer, but a better person. - Cate O'Kelley