***Studio News from the 2019-2020 School Year***

Winners at Georgia NATS 2019

Alex Newberg, First Place Lower HS Men, Musical Theatre

Sam Greene, First Place 1st year college men, Musical Theatre

Arin Francis, Second Place Upper HS Women, Musical Theatre

Austin Beale, Second PlaceUpper HS Men, Classical 

Katherine Beale, Finalist, Upper HS Women, Classical

Ana Soriano, Finalist, Upper HS Women, Classical

Former Students: 

Hannah Reich, First Place 2nd year college women, Classical

Amaan Atkins, First Place 1st year college men, Classical

Amaan Atkins, Second Place 1st year college men, Musical Theatre

Heathers at Lakeside High School

Hanna Baniassad, Veronica

Ruby Elliott, Heather Chandler

Sam Greene, Musical Director

The Wizard of Oz at Holy Innocents Episcopal School

Dorothy, Arin Francis

Lion, Alexa Marcontell

Carrie at North Springs High School

Moira Poh, Carrie

Mary Poppins at Lakeside High School

Hannah Baniassad, Mary Poppins

Jeremy Mezoff, Burt

Ruby Elliott, Mrs. Banks

Seth Guarnizo, Michael

Fun Home at Actor's Express

Alex Newberg, Christian Bechdel

Governor's Honors Program

Katherine Beale, finalist

The Lion King at Westminster School

Cate Davis, Rafiki

Camila Hernandez, Banzai

Dear Edwina at Holy Spirit Prepatory

Olivia Casal, Edwina

2020 Graduates Studying Voice in College

Sam Greene, Musical Theatre, School TBA

Alexa Marcontell, Music Therapy, Belmont

Ana Soriano, Vocal Performance/Music Education, Piedmont College

Ruby Elliott, Music Therapy, GSU

Cara, Music Education, GSU

Studio News from the 2018-2019 School Year


Winners at Georgia NATS Competition

Hannah Reich, 1st Place College Freshman Women, Classical 

Sam Greene, 1st place Upper HS Musical Theatre

Hanna Baniassad, 1st place Lower HS Musical Theatre

Moira Poh, 2nd place Lower HS Musical Theatre

Amaan Atkins, 3rd place Upper HS Classical Music

Lead Roles in Chicago at Lakeside High School

Hanna Baniassad, Roxie

Bella Reynolds, Velma

Sam Greene, Amos

Lead Roles in The Addams Family Musical (Various Schools)

Emma Leonard, Wednesday, Holy Innocents Episcopal School

Alexa Marcontell, Morticia,  Holy Innocents Episcopal School

Arin Francis, Grandmama, Holy Innocents Episcopal School

Samantha Ewing, Morticia, Wesleyan School

Moira Poh, Wednesday, North Springs High School

Governor's Honors Nominations

Arin Francis has been nominated for the Governor's Honors Program in Voice. 

Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall

Piper Bjerke and Mallory Barnes attended the Honors Performance Series as vocalists in June 2019.

The Schmidt Competition

An unprecedented FOUR students attended the prestigious Schmidt Vocal Competition:

Alexa Marcontell

Emma Leonard

Bella Reynolds

Sam Greene, who was a finalist and presented with the Broadway Award. 


Lead Roles in Once On This Island at Lakeside High School

Sam Greene, Daniel

Hanna Baniassad

Bella Reynolds

Lead Role in Falsettos at Actor's Express

Alex Newberg, Jason

Winners at Southeast Region NATS

Arin Francis, finalist, Lower HS Women, Musical Theatre

Sam Greene, finalist, Upper HS Men, Classical Music

Sam Greene, First Place, Upper HS Men Musical Theatre

Matías Hernandez, First Place, Lower HS Men Musical Theatre

Performing Arts Conservatory of Atlanta Competition Winners

Mallory Barnes, Honorable mention for Best Stage Presence, Middle School Division

Katherine Beale, First Place, Lower HS Classical Division

Alex Graham, First Place, Adult Category

Moira Poh, First Place, Lower HS Musical Theatre

Shuler Hensley Awards

Sam Greene, Honorable Mention, Amos, LHS's Ch

Alex Newberg, Nomination, Pugsley in HIES's Addams Family Musical

Moira Poh, Nomination, Wednesday in North Spring's Addams Family Musical

Bella Reynolds, Honorable Mention, Roxy in LHS's Chicago

2019 Graduates Studying Voice in College

Amaan Atkins, Music Education, Colombus State University

Samantha Ewing, Musical Theatre, University of Georgia

Emma Leonard, Musical Theatre, Belmont

Bella Reynolds, Vocal Performance, Elon

Luis Vijil, Musical Theatre, University of Georgia

2017-2018 School Year


Winners at Southeast Region NATS Competition

Hannah Reich, 2nd place Upper Level Women's Classical

Sophie DuPont, Finalist, Lower Level Women's Classical

Finalist at Schmidt Competition

Hannah Reich, Finalist

Lead Roles in Cinderella at Holy Innocents Episcopal Schools

Emma Leonard, Ella (Cinderella)

Alexa Marcontell, Madame (Evil Stepmother)

Cate O'Kelley, Lord Pinkelton (Town Crier)

Chandler Meertins, Jean-Michel 

Winners at The Performing Arts Conservatory of Atlanta Voice Competition

Emma Leonard, 1st Place Upper Level Musical Theatre

Olivia Freides, 2nd Place Upper Level Classical Singing

Elana Katz, 2nd Place Middle School

Mac Welsch, 2nd Place Upper School Mixed Category

2018 Graduates Studying Voice In College

Bella DeMarco, Music Education, Auburn University

Olivia Freides, Voice Minor, American University

Hannah Reich, Vocal Performance, Reinhardt University

Mac Welsch, Music Education and Vocal Performance, University of South Carolina